Give online

Online giving

Why give online?

We encourage our members to use the online method. Online giving improves our record-keeping efficiency and enhances the privacy of your donations.

Use these methods to give online:

Method 1. Interact e-Transfer (Preferred)

This is the preferred method as it is a direct transfer from your bank account to the church account without fees.

Login into your bank account and e-Transfer to:

Method 2. Tithley

If Interact e-Transfer is not available you can use Tithley which allows you to transfer money from a credit card with a small fee. 

Use the following button to give online using the Tithley website. The money will be deposited directly in Southside Baptist Church account.


  1. Click on the green Give button below
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Select General Fund or Benevolent fund
  4. Optional - Select recurring payment
  5. Enter First Name, Last Name and Email
  6. Enter credit card information
  7. Optional - Cover fees
  8. Click Give

Downloading the Tithely app

For a more personalized experience you can download the giving app or click the "give online" button to give.
Your gift is safe / secure and goes directly to your church or ministry.
Plus, you'll be able to track all your gifts, setup recurring, and more!
Select Soutside Baptist Church Port Coquitlam to make donations to our church.